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7 Worst Things to Touch during COVID-19 Outbreaks

Do use touch hands covid 19 corona virus

7 things that you should stop touching with your hands during the Corona Virus CoVid-19 outbreaks

Here is the list.

1. Door Handles

Door Handles is the worst thing to touch during outbreak covid 19

The door handles are very dirty. Everyone would squeeze on door handles and pass on germs, bacteria, viruses on it. The most common ones are:

Most species of Staphylococcus are harmless and are usually found on the skin and mucous membranes. There are Staph types that can cause skin infections, and it is often the cause of food poisoning. Many species of Staphylococcus can survive on dry surfaces, so transfer from a door handle is a very real danger.

Though many E-coli species are a healthy part of the human digestive system, many can be hazardous. E-coli is one of the major causes for diarrhea worldwide and can also cause serious food poisoning in humans. Species of E-coli can also cause gastroenteritis, urinary tract infections, meningitis, mastitis and pneumonia.

Salmonella is a zoonotic bacteria, meaning that it can be transferred between humans and non-humans. Salmonella is a leading cause of food poisoning as well as diarrhea. Salmonella can live for weeks outside of a host, up to two years in some varieties.

Campylobacter is another leading cause of diarrhea. Campylobacteriosis is one of the most common forms of bacterial infection. Campylobacteriosis can cause severe diarrhea and dysentery, leading to bloody bowel movements, cramps and fever

2. Restaurant Menus

Do not touch with hands covid 19 corona virus

When you go to a restaurant, you are hungry after coming from work, you need to look at the menu before you can order. The first thing you touch with your hands is the menus in the restaurants. And you are not alone! Everyone coming from doing their businesses (whatever it is!) would touch the menu with their bare hands, close in front of them, and turn the pages to look at the items. They discuss with their co-eaters about what to order. By the time you are touching it, the menu is probably touched by hundreds of people who visited the restaurant in the last few days. Not to mentions the high chances that the menu is dropped on the floor by accidents by the waiters/waitress, the eaters, the kids.

and more! The customers may need the menu to add more food and reorder in the middle of their meals, after touching their food, mouth, and other things like their cell phones.

Now, imagine just one of them who has the coronavirus and just touch the menu…

3. Gas Pumps

After driving for 30 mins after work, after eating, you realize you are running low on gas. So you drive into a gas station and decide to fill up your car with some gas. After choosing the gas to put in, you lift up the gas pump and you insert it into your gas openner, and squeeze to pump gas.

Now your hands are squeezing on the gas pump for the next two minutes to ensure the tank is filled. And at the same time, you are passing all things from your hands to the gas pump while picking up everything from the gas pump.

Imagine the thousands of people who would touch the gas pump, maybe even more if it is an old station…

4. Water Faucet Handles

You need to touch the water faucet because you need to wash something, either your hands or something that seems dirty. Whatever that is, your hands are very likely been already touching the dirty object already. Now you use your hands which may have been exposed to something dirty and now you turn on the faucet. You have successfully pass the bacteria, germs, virus to the handle of the water faucet.

Repeat the same thing 100 times from 100 different people who may have touched 100 different things…

5. Other people’s hands


I bet you get the idea now, that other people’s hands may have been exposed to covid19 or other bacteria. Shaking hands is the easiest way to exchange them with each other.

6. The most important thing not to touch during COVID-19 Corona Virus: Face

Don't touch your face covid 19 corona virus

If there is one only thing that you shouldn’t touch with your hands, it is your face. Your hands on their own won’t infect you with coronavirus or other types of bacteria – UNTIL you touch your face!

7. Cash Money

Cash money, no matter coins or paper bills are used for transaction exchanges. They circulate and get changed hands everything you use it to buy or sell something. And I bet 99.9999% people do not wash their money at all. Please tell me if you do. So in a sense cash money is the worst thing that you can touch other than your face during this time.

Don't touch money to pass germs and virus

What are the worst things to touch with Hands during covid or other outbreaks?

You shouldn’t touch these things with your hands during an outbreak:

  1. Door Handles
  2. Restaurant Menus
  3. Gas Pump
  4. Water Faucet Handles
  5. Cash Money
  6. Other people’s hands

What are the Worst High Risks Door Handles to touch?

  1. Washroom Door Handles
  2. Public Entrance Door Handles
  3. Public Transportation Door Handles
  4. Restaurant Door Handles
  5. Gym Door Handles

Did we miss anything? please tell us in the comment section!

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