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Circle Acts FAQ

Thank you for your interest. Similar to many other new innovations, you may have many questions about our innovative online donation marketplace.

We are an official CRA Registered Charity, our vision is simple.

We want great charities to focus on having an impact on their causes, and I want the impact-focused charities to be rewarded with better support.

You can read about our story from one of our founders.

We have collected a list of questions that we are asked a lot. Hope it helps!

What is Circle Acts?

Circle Acts is a CRA registered charity (Registration Number: 788978278RR0001) that transparently brings together all Canadian charities in one place to allow you to support the causes you believe in easily. We were founded with the desire to help charities and help donors navigate the complexity in choosing the right charities to support. 

Learn more about our Vision and Mission.

Is Circle Acts tied to any other charity in Canada?

No. We represent all charities equally; however, we strive to offer the most suitable selection of charities to donors and use a variety of publicly available information to select the best charities focused on the cause you believe in.

What is the Circle Acts Donation Marketplace?

Our Donation Marketplace is the World’s first Donation Marketplace that allows donors to pick and determine how to support causes they support. We bring together information from a variety of sources to allow donors to easily find the charities that support the causes they are passionate about.  We do not accept any money for strategic placement. We do not take any processing fees unless they are specifically directed to Circle Acts administration.

How are you different from other donation platforms?

We are focused on causes and finding the best charities for the causes that donors are passionate about. The world of charitable giving is complex. With over 85,000 charities registered in Canada, donors have endless choices and want to ensure their donations are going to causes they are passionate about and that their donations are being used well by the charity it has been directed to via Circle Acts. 

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How does Circle Acts fund operations with their free online donation marketplace platform?

We rely on donations to cover administrative costs. We are fueled by incredibly passionate volunteers who are passionate about fundraising, and more importantly passionate about having an impact.  We do not take any administration beyond costs that are passed onto us by processing companies. 

You can donate and support our operations directly using the Donation Button below .

Why should I donate with Circle Acts as opposed to directly to the charity?

It is easy to donate to all the causes you care about in one easy transaction.  At the end of the year you can reprint your tax-deductible donation in one easy receipt. You can easily find the causes you love and are passionate about. We work hard to pull together information to make donating easy and informative for you. If you hate the annoying marketing mail you get from charities once create a donor relationship with them, wonder why so much of your donation is going into glossy brochures, with a donation through Circle Acts, you can hide your information from the charity you are giving to, stopping the endless barrage of mail and allowing the charity to focus the donation on impact.

You also can find out more about other charities too with us and support the charities better. Learn more from why charities will get more donations with your support of Circle Acts?

Is Circle Acts’ online donation site taking fees out of my donation?

No, the only fee that is taken off your donation is the amount that goes to the payment processor (ie. credit card fees). We do not hold any money off your donation except the payment processing fee required by the payment processors.

You can donate and support our operations directly using the Donation Button below .

Do charities know about Circle Acts’ Charity Marketplace?

Some of the impact-focused charities, who agreed with high-impact giving, have already reached out and want to engage on our platform. We are a new charity, but we are passionate about impact and are prepared to continue to put in the work to help charities and help the donors. We are donors ourselves!

We are picky on who we help, it is our cause to help those who help those in need, you can read about how picky is Circle Acts here.

Can you collect donations for other charities? Is it legitimate?

Yes, we are a registered charity in Canada and comply with all fundraising rules in Canada. Our primary purpose is to promote the efficiency and effectiveness of other charities., It is a mission we love, and we know you will too.

Many charities like us a lot, here is why charities want to fund raise with Circle Acts.

I don’t see many charities on the donation marketplace? How does Circle Acts determine what charities are included or excluded?

We are focused on causes, and look for the best charities that have the biggest impact as it relates to the cause. There are over 85,000 charities in Canada and we want to try and help you find the best match for your cause. If we are missing your favourite one, you can send us the information and we will look at qualifying the charity, using our Charity Nomination Form.

The nomination will be reviewed by our nomination committee. to the committee rates the charity based on our High-Impact Philanthropy Methodology. Based on the rating, we may or may not include a charity in our donation marketplace platform.

Can I nominate a charity to the donation marketplace?

Definitely! We are always looking for great charities and help the impact-focused charities to raise awareness to our donor network. You can use the Charity Nomination Form to nominate one or more charities.

After receiving your nomination, our charity analysts will review and may request information from the charity. After reviewing all the information, the charity analyst will make a recommendation to our charity review committee for approval.

When a charity is approved, we will map the charity to our large variety of donation products in our donation marketplace.

Do I get a Tax Receipt?

Yes all donations made through Circle Acts are tax deductible and will be sent to you when you donate and be made available to you if you create an account. We comply with all charitable rules around tax receipting.

I am not a Canadian, can I donate through the donation marketplace?

As a Canadian charity, we can only issue tax receipts for Canadians at this time. 

If I have a question about my donation, who do I contact?

Have another question, we would love to hear from you.