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What is a High Impact & Transparent Charity?

Find best charity to donate to in Canada, usa, uk
Find best charity to donate to in Canada, usa, uk

Ever wonder how much of your money gets to the cause you donate to or are you content to just donate and trust the organizations that you give it to? Neither is wrong, it is a personal choice. Some of you like to fully research your charity of choice, ensure your donation is being used effectively and efficiently. You can’t expect a charity to operate for free, but all charities are not created equal.

What is a Transparent Charity?

Some charities have complicated structures that make it hard to track the money from source to impact, others have complicated methods of measuring impact and some try to squeeze so much money through the pipeline that they miss out on key technological advancements that could help them become even more effective.

  • Why you give,
  • what you give to,
  • when you give, and
  • how you give

are all personal choices. Most donor wants to know about the work with the charities they support, that’s transparency.

Circle Acts wants to bring High Transparency to the charity sector.

At Circle Acts we are providing a service to make all the information on all charity’s public in an easy to read and independent way. We are a high transparency charity, making all information available and easy to access. We aren’t here to sell you on what charity to give to, we are an independent organization with a unbiased view on charities, but we believe in charitable giving. We believe in the work charities do, and we believe in donors who want to give need access to the information in ways that are easy to read and understand. We believe in transparency in the giving chain.

High-Transparency in Charities takes work

Circle Acts doesn’t have all the information, and we know that the publicly available data and details will have gaps, but when we discover gaps we will also go and try to fill them. We will be transparent about what we know, and what we don’t. We believe it is ok not to have all the answers, but we are here to work with you to get the answers we don’t have. Charitable giving is too important, donor’s money is too important and the causes and the people they impact are the most important. We will be transparent and honest so we can earn and keep your trust.

We want to partner with High Transparency Charities to help them to tell their story, to share their hard work, more importantly, we want to help them to focus on what is important to them – High Impact Charitable work.

What is a High-Impact Charity?

A High-Impact Charity because it levels the playing field of all charities, but we know that with your support we will be able to show charities that donors want more, they want more impact, they want more done about the causes they believe in. They don’t want charity mail, they don’t want more marketing, they want to give and know that money is being used in the best possible way to have an impact on the causes they believe in. This is what donors want, our new technological world demands transparency. Transparency leads to trust. Charitable giving will increase only when there is trust and we can’t get there without high transparency & High Impacts. Charitable giving demands impact and we can’t get there if administration costs continue to go up, and the money getting to the causes continues to go down. Charitable giving should focus on the impact and stop trying to compete using a for profit model.

Charities should be focused on impact, that is the reason they were formed to solve some problem that no one else could. Charities were born from a place of mission, a place of serving, a place where the heart and mind meet. Their causes may not be the same, but the place each were born from were from a place of not wanting to stand by and watch it happen believing they could be better and do better and bring others along with them.

Circle Acts brings you High Transparency & High Impact Charities

Circle Acts wants charities to focus on the impact, and the reason they were created rather than competing for a shrinking donation space by using more money on marketing, we want them to focus on impact. Donors demand impact, Circle Acts was created from a place that your donations should be spent on impact, not on marketing. We believe that if the charity does good work, money will follow, and we believe that donors themselves want to use their money for impact beyond what they could do on their own. We believe and know donors will donate to good charities, not just the ones that have the best marketing materials.

Charities are unique, they are not owned by one person even though they may have been started by one person, they are co-owned by all the people who support the causes including the donors. Behind every charity there is a story on how it was created, why it was created and what the hopes and dreams are in the future. However, the world is changing, charitable giving is not the same as it was 25 years ago.

Charities are not perfect, and they all want to make high impacts

The space is cluttered and confusing, there is charities that have been accused of fraudulent activities and there is, in some cases archaic laws governing charities that need to be challenged to help them serve you better. Some charities have started to shift their dollars from impact activities to marketing, from programs and projects to administration and the public no longer believes like they did before but it is more important than ever to continue to give while the gap between the economic classes widen, while the earth is being impacted by extreme conditions as a result of climate change and while animals of the world are treated as objects instead of living creatures. Hospitals and foundations need our help, the elderly and the children of this world need our help and together we can do more than on our own. Charitable donations are not dead, we are simply seeing the decline because people cannot see the impact or understand in all the noise the impact charities are having. Circle Acts is here to give you an independent view of the charitable landscape here in Canada, to allow you to focus on the causes you believe are worthy. We know the power of the human race when they collectively come together, and work towards a common cause. We will help you, help others. We know that together we can have an impact beyond the donation, and that means working together with charities as they learn to navigate this changing world.

We think donors prefers more of their money goes to the causes than sending themselves more marketing materials. We think donors know what they want to give, when they want to give and they will give to causes they believe in, but they don’t want more marketing materials. Donors want to see impact, they want to see change and they want to know the work they support is having a difference beyond their donation but more holistically.

We also know donors like to give to several charities (preferably High Impact & High Transparency Charities) and very quickly your mailbox can become full of offers and details, we protect you from the barrage of information and allow you to ensure the charities stay focused on impact. Money should go to the programs and projects that the charities create, not to the marketing materials to convince donors to give more. We know charities are different than non-profits, people give because they want to make a difference and to work together with charities they can have an impact beyond themselves. Beyond the one, and today.

Circle Acts helps Donors to find High Impact & High Transparency Charities to give

Circle Acts is independent; we don’t receive money from any charity to position their materials above another. We believe in unbiased facts, we believe in impact over marketing. We are an independent group of charity and technology experts that have gotten together to use technology to create an unbiased view of the charity. We believe donors want a sense of purpose, and we believe that their voice is important which is why you will see social opinions also included in every charity page, we cannot confirm they are unbiased but we believe in the power of the people and that through the biased opinions that we will be sure to see that the people reading and engaging on the site will be able to filter through the noise and form their own opinion.

Circle Acts, research your favourite causes, give to your favourite charity, and know that you are making a difference and that you are part of something bigger than you. Circle Acts Donation Marketplace, donate today.

About the author

Brian Chan

Brian Chan is the co-founder of Circle Acts Charity. Circle Acts is a registered charity that focuses on high-impact philanthropy and promote donor philanthropy across the world.