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Who is Circle Acts – ?

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Our is an international philanthropy focused portal on education about the giving sector.  We cover up-to-date information on charities, non-profits, corporate responsibility and social enterprise.  We believe giving comes in many forms, and there is not just one way to give to others.  We know that giving is a personal choice, and we spend our time aggregating information and making sense of the sector in an independent way.  Data is powerful, its free and it is meant to be shared. 

We think storytelling is powerful and knowing why organizations exist, what their challenges are and what opportunities are powerful reasons for giving. will cover:

Philanthropy Education

Education is important to understanding what organizations we should give to.  We know global citizens can get behind organizational causes they trust.  Circle Acts educates supporters on charities, so they can make better and more informed decisions.  We educate without biases and share the information transparently.

Upcoming and Current Philanthropy and Charitable events

The world is constantly changing, needs of today are changing as a result. Circle Acts aggregates information across the world to provide you a source of information to help inform your opinions on giving, provide causes that are urgent to motivate supporters and we chase information that will help us make better decisions.

Helping charitable causes to tell their own stories

Organizations need to have their stories told, the stories about the people who started the organization, run the organization or are served by the organization are interesting and help inform supporters on their choice to give.  We love to tell the stories of people who are working so hard to make a difference, and of the people who receive the benefits of incredible supporters like you.

Charitable Impact Data Storytelling

We love data, we believe data should be public and celebrate when the information is made available.  We try and make sense of the data, and produce stories in powerful ways from the data that will in turn help supporters make effective choices that are aligned with their own choices.