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Best Charities in the United Kingdom

How to find charities to donate to in UK
What are the best charities in the United Kingdom? how to raise money for charity? Find them first with charity search!

According to Guardian, There are more than 185,000 registered charities in England and Wales. The number is rising by 5,000 a year. As you read this, another charity will be created somewhere in the country. The charity commission lists 620 cancer charities alone and more than 200 charities working with homeless people just in London.

  • so How do you perform a charity search and find “donation worthy” charities to donate to?
  • Should I donate to local charities or national charities, or even international charities?
  • How do I know the charities are financially responsible?

We have collected, surveyed, and reviewed many charities in the UK, and we have a starting charities list for you to consider.

Best Charities in the UK [ Circle Acts UK Charities Listing 2020]

Charities not in particular order or ranking.

London’s Air Ambulance Limited – Best Air Ambulance Charity in UK

London’s Air Ambulance is the registered charity that delivers an advanced trauma team to critically injured people in London. They work closely with the NHS and receive some funding from our NHS partners, but we are not an NHS organization. The majority of our service’s running costs are funded by you; our supporters. Without your help, we cannot help our patients.

LAA charity’s supporters are at the heart of our funding. From corporate partners and community groups to event fundraisers and regular givers, we are lucky to have a dedicated supporter base helping our service.

Shree Kutch Leva Patel Community (UK)

Shree Kutch Leva Patel Community began in 1960 in UK. After Kenya’s independence, main flow began only after 1963. As community grew temples were established in Willesden, Golders Green, Harrow, East London, Woolwich, Cardiff, Bolton and Oldham. S.K.L.P.C. (U.K.) was set up on 4th February 1972 and our Community Centre – Samaj Hall opened on 6th September 1980 in West Hendon.

This Centre was not big enough for the whole community, but it proved to be most pivotal in co-ordinating the activities of the community groups and Samaj as a whole. A lot of activities and events have been organised in the field of sports, social, cultural, education and charity work. We have been able to raise more than £150,000 through various events and shows to help the victims of natural disasters in Mexico, Ethiopia, Bangladesh and India and numerous local charities. As the community needs and aspirations grew, it became necessary to acquire a new suitable site. In 1992 at our 20th Anniversary Festival at Copthall Stadium, a call was made to the community to help acquire a site of our own, big enough to accommodate our entire community of 30,000 people by 1997, our Silver Jubilee year in the U.K. Funds were raised in a very short time by enthusiastic and forward-looking members on a basis of three years interest-free loans. Members of Kenya Community gave a tremendous moral and financial boost to the project, which, I take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation on behalf of the U.K. Community. This centre is now well established and serving the needs of the community.

Action for Kids Charitable Trust

AFK is one of the best of the best UK charities on our UK Charity List. They bring high impact. 81% of the money AFK raises goes right back into our services to support disabled children and young people. They spend as much of the money donated by our generous supporters directly on helping young disabled people as possible. This breaks down as follows:

For every £10 donated to AFK:

  • £3.20 goes towards getting young disabled people into paid work;
  • £2.83 goes towards preparing disabled students for life after school;
  • £2.11 is spent on our mobility equipment project;
  • £1.50 is spent on fundraising for the next £10;
  • £0.36 is spent on governance.

In AFK’s Life and Work Programme, trainees will:

  • Develop an Action Plan with a set of goals for work
  • Participate in travel training sessions
  • Practice interview skills with a Job Coach
  • Attend regular sessions at the Bikes For Good Causes bike shop and café where you will develop your work skills
  • Complete work placements in a real working environment
  • Get help finding paid employment

Divine Onkar Mission

Even though Divine Onkar Mission sounds religious, they are not religious. The Divine Onkar Mission is an UK registered charity. Founded by Tersam Lal in 1991 with the aim of helping the neediest in some of the most remote parts of India. Since then, they have established hospitals and orphanages in Jharkhand and Orissa, have set up agricultural projects to encourage people to grow their own food, and run a leprosy project, where victims of the disease are treated and re-housed or provided with long-term care, they have also run a clean water project bringing clean water to most remote areas. Their vision is to extend our hands, hearts and funds to poor and disadvantaged people in India, enabling them to break out of the cycle of poverty through the provision of basic human rights. DOM empowers those with no voice in society by giving shelter, food, education and basic health care and a commitment to help them become self-sufficient. Our belief is that once people are no longer hungry, homeless, sick, uneducated, unemployed and lacking dignity they will themselves seek to grow and become active citizens. DOM helps people to help themselves and then others so that there is equality, fairness and justice for all regardless of their background.

Cancer Research UK

Cancer Research UK funds around 50% of all cancer research in the UK. When you give, You help Uk scientists get closer to finding a cure. Giving as little as £2 a month could fund something as big as a new research centre or as small as glass slides to analyze cancer cells. You could help them to fund more clinical trials and they fund clinical trials to bring new cancer treatments to patients as quickly and safely as possible.

They also work with the Government to ensure that their policies tackle the major risk factors for cancer including alcohol, obesity, diet and sun awareness. Cancer Research UK also works to ensure that people with cancer in the UK can access the best treatments for them, including surgery, radiotherapy and cancer drugs. They rely on the generosity of the public to fund our life-saving research. It’s crucial that Government policies enable the charity sector to thrive.

Marie Curie UK

The right care means everything to families living with a terminal illness. With your support, Marie Curie UK can be there for more families when we’re needed most. A terminal illness is a disease or condition which can’t be cured and is likely to lead to someone’s death. It’s sometimes called a life-limiting illness. Some people may use different definitions, so it’s important to ask if you’re not sure what someone is saying or what it means. Marie Curie believes everyone living with a terminal illness should be able to get the most from the time they have left, however hard that may sometimes feel. Marie Curie is here to help you and everyone affected by your diagnosis to achieve the best quality of life, and support you to keep your independence and dignity for as long as possible.

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What are the best charities to donate to UK?

Here is the best Charities to donate to in the United Kingdom by Circle Acts Reviews:

  • Marie Curie UK
  • Cancer Research UK
  • Action for Kids Charitable Trust
  • London’s Air Ambulance Limited
  • Shree Kutch Leva Patel Community

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