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7 Indigenous Charities in Canada That Deserve Your Donation

best indigenous nonprofits in Canada
How to promote and support Indigenous communities in Canada?

It’s no secret that Indigenous people in Canada face many challenges. They are more likely to be unemployed, live below the poverty line, and suffer from poor health. This is even more true for Indigenous women and girls who face an even greater risk of violence than non-Indigenous Canadians. The good news is that many organizations are working hard to address these issues.

The reality of widespread poverty, low income, and barriers to education amongst Indigenous communities in Canada is harsh. There are thousands of charities working every day to rebuild, create opportunities and provide these communities with additional services & support to make a better life for themselves and their children.

 In this article, we’ll highlight seven charities that provide education, counseling, and other services to help Indigenous people overcome the challenges they face daily.

Indigenous Charities in Canada

There are many charities all over Canada that help our Indigenous people. The conditions of the reserves and the communities are deplorable, and a lot of them don’t have access to clean water or proper food. This is why we need to help out our brothers and sisters as much as possible by donating money or volunteering at these charities.

Many Canadian charities are helping Indigenous people overcome the challenges they face in Canada today. This list is by no means exhaustive but it does include some of the best Indigenous charities in Canada that are doing great work for our First Nations communities.

Here are some charities that you should consider supporting:

Inuvik Youth Centre Society

The Inuvik Youth Centre provides a facility that is friendly and comprehensive, and it offers progressive programming that promotes and fosters integrity, accountability, respect, acceptance, and responsibility. This is done to assist the youth of Inuvik.

The Inuvik Youth Centre is committed to providing opportunities that will assist local youth in developing the skills necessary to become productive, self-assured, healthy, and successful members of their community. Through the acquisition of knowledge, skills, and abilities; healthy relationship attitudes; respect, knowledge, and pride for cultural traditions; and a healthy mind and body, youth will have the opportunity to develop and realize their strengths and capacities through the drop-in space and programming that will be provided.

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The Youth Centre now provides programming for children and teenagers aged 6 to 18 years old. The following are some examples of available programs:

  • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) programming
  • Media studio programming
  • Cultural programming
  • Life skills programming (budgeting, planning, and preparing)
  • Cultural arts and craft programming
  • Music room programming
  • Recreational activities
  • Environmental club program
  • Literacy and tutor program

Nesika Cultural And Heritage Society

The Nesika Cultural and Heritage Society is aware of the close connection that exists between the safeguarding of Aboriginal Title and Rights and the maintenance of cultural and historical sites. For the sake of future generations resilience and a sense of pride, they will do all in their power to preserve the resources at our disposal and to share the wisdom that has been bestowed upon them.

The historical periodical that was published by the Union of BC Indian Chiefs was the seed that eventually grew into the Nesika Cultural and Heritage Society. As their namesake did before them, they continue the history of promoting communication and education based on the belief that there is power in knowledge and strength in togetherness. 

Nesika wants to get involved in and offer to fund initiatives that aim to provide practical education, research that is centered on the community, and programs that want to preserve and safeguard land, legacy, and culture.

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Gathering of Rivers for Community Care

Gathering of Rivers for Community Care is an organization with the mission of assisting economically and socially disadvantaged children, youth, and families in the Matawa First Nations Communities of Aroland, Constance Lake, Eabametoong, Ginoogaming, Marten Falls, Neskantaga, Long Lake, Nibinamik, and Webequie to improve their quality of life. This organization is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of the Aboriginal people of Canada.

Even though poverty affects fifty percent of Aboriginal children under the age of six in Canada, the Aboriginal youth population is the fastest-growing group in the country. When you give to the Gathering of the Rivers for Community Care, you are contributing so much more than just monetary resources. Access to education, the ability to remain in school and graduate, and the chance to fulfill their full potential will all be made possible for young Aboriginal people because of the financial aid that you offer.

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Thompson Homeless Shelter Inc. is an Indigenous charity that provides support and assistance to homeless people across the country. The organization was founded by a group of First Nations people in the city of Thompson, Manitoba, who wanted to help those in need.

Thompson Homeless Shelter Inc. offers shelter and food for people who are struggling with homelessness and poverty. They also provide services such as counseling and health care support, job training programs, and employment referrals to help people get back on their feet again.

Since 2008, when the Canadian Mental Health Association took over the homeless shelter, they have provided their clients with a wide range of services designed to improve their quality of life. When clients at the Thompson Homeless Shelter need extra help, staff members collaborate with the Canadian Mental Health Association to access their programs, resources, and services. The shelter provides a wide range of services to its clients to better their quality of life, so much more than simply a place to sleep safely.

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Linking Hearts Inc.

Linking Hearts Inc. is a charity that works with the youth of indigenous communities to provide support and resources to help them succeed in life. The organization operates a residential school for young people who are at risk of dropping out of school and provides counseling services, recreational activities, and more.

The charity works with community members to help them heal from their experiences and rebuild their lives. They provide counseling for individuals and families, advocacy and support for children who have been affected by family violence, resource materials for people working with survivors of family violence, legal assistance, healing circles, and cultural activities.

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Rossbrook House

This charity was founded by a group of young women who wanted to change their community for the better. Rossbrook House offers shelter, counseling, support groups, and advocacy services for women, children, and men who have been affected by domestic violence. The organization also provides training on the issue of domestic violence for professionals working in health care, education, social services, and law enforcement.

Over a year, today the center sees over a thousand kids and young adults (6-24) and up to eighty of them every day. Rossbrook provides a safe space in addition to three alternative school programs, a homework club, a young mom’s group, sports, and recreational activities, Aboriginal cultural activities, leadership activities, a music program, and a healthy kitchen program that feeds participants and teaches them about healthy eating and cooking.

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Urban Systems Foundation

The Urban Systems Foundation (USF) is a registered charity that works to support the growth of Indigenous communities. The USF supports urban Indigenous organizations and communities to develop capacity, build social capital and promote social change.

Sincerely appreciative of all that has been bestowed upon them, The Urban Systems Foundation is committed to sharing the fruits of their success with the rest of the world by forming partnerships with like-minded international groups and securing international sponsorship. Their employees and volunteers offer their time and knowledge freely, and they actively promote originality to broaden the range of options available to these communities.

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Takeaway: You can improve the lives of indigenous peoples by contributing to these charities.

Above is a list of seven Indigenous charities in Canada that are doing tremendous work throughout the country. When thinking about which charities to donate to, remember to look for local Canadian organizations and support them. The work of these Indigenous charities should be held in high esteem – they work tirelessly so that the collective future of all Canadians can improve

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