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Which 6 Canadian Charities Helping Emergencies in Ukraine?

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The current situation in Ukraine has been a humanitarian disaster. As the conflict has escalated, over 2 million people have been displaced from their homes and are now in need of assistance. In response to this, several organizations are working with local partners on the ground in Ukraine to provide aid to those who need it most.

The political situation in Ukraine has caused an international relief effort to help those in need. As millions are forced to flee a bloody conflict and thousands of dead, there is a huge demand for food, supplies, and medicine. Millions have been forced from their homes due to heavy clashes between pro-Russian separatists and Ukrainian forces. Several charities provide food and medical supplies but also assistance such as medical support and transport assistance.

Charities are doing great work in Ukraine, helping with water and shelter while families wait for a more permanent solution. This article will name a few of the charities that are helping those affected by this crisis in Ukraine.

6 Charities and their Support Programs Working in Ukraine

The situation in Ukraine has reached a crisis point, with thousands of people fleeing to neighboring countries to escape the conflict. The United Nations Refugee Agency estimates that more than 1 million people have been displaced since violence erupted in mid-April.

In addition to those who have fled the country, many remain internally displaced within Ukraine, unable or unwilling to leave their homes due to fear, insecurity, or lack of access. Most people seeking refuge are women, children, and elderly individuals who cannot care for themselves. Many families have lost their homes and everything they own.

The ongoing humanitarian crisis is putting enormous pressure on those providing emergency aid in Ukraine. The Ukrainian government struggles to provide basic services to its citizens, including food and shelter. Several charities have come together to help those affected by the crisis.

Here are some organizations and their support programs helping people affected by this crisis:

1.    Send Help to Ukraine- UNICEF Canada

The lives and safety of Ukraine’s 7.5 million young people have been in imminent danger since the war escalated on February 24.

Damage from the eight-year-long war in eastern Ukraine is staggering. As fighting spreads across the country, young people will bear the brunt of the consequences. Thousands of residents may have to leave their homes in the following days as a result of damage to their dwellings, schools, and water treatment facilities.

Children’s health and family incomes have suffered greatly as a result of the epidemic, making poverty worse for them. The new polio outbreak has further strained an already weak healthcare system in a country with inadequate access to excellent medical treatment.

Children’s health and safety have been compromised because of the destruction of water and sanitation systems, medical centers, and schools. More than 355,500 kids have had their education cut short because schools had to close.

Since the violence in Ukraine broke out in 2014, UNICEF has responded by supplying clean water, protecting children, treating their wounds, and educating their young. They have been in the vanguard of humanitarian efforts in eastern Ukraine for the past eight years, putting them in a good position to deal with the current catastrophe. UNICEF Canada has been working with partners on the ground since the crisis began. Their teams have provided emergency health kits, blankets, hygiene supplies, and psychological support to those affected by this conflict. They’ve also helped provide safe drinking water to communities affected by fighting.

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2.    Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis Appeal by Canadian Red Cross

The Ukrainian crisis has forced millions of people to flee their homes and seek refuge in other parts of the country, often in temporary camps. The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) is working with the Canadian Red Cross to provide relief to those affected by the conflict. The Canadian Red Cross has been delivering medical aid, food, and clean water in the eastern part of Ukraine since early 2014. The organization is also working with local partners on projects that will help people return home safely once the fighting ends.

As needs arise in Ukraine and the surrounding countries, the Canadian Red Cross is providing aid for a variety of critical humanitarian activities, such as assisting with preparations, providing immediate and ongoing relief, assisting with long-term recovery and resiliency efforts, and providing aid to populations that have been displaced.

The Canadian Red Cross is providing relief to families who have been affected by the conflict. They’re also helping children and adults who need medical care or other support to live with disabilities they have as a result of their experiences during the crisis.

They have projects that are helping people who are living under siege or in areas where there is no access to basic services such as food, water, or health care. They’re also helping displaced people get back on their feet after they return home while providing clean water and sanitation services so that people can have access to safe drinking water and toilets; they’ve also helped them rebuild their homes so they can stay warm during winter months.

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3.    Ukraine Crisis Appeal by Save the Children

The children of Ukraine, numbering over 7.5 million, are being forced to endure a conflict that they had nothing to do with starting. After eight years of violence, the chances of direct damage, displacement, trauma, loss of family income, family separation, and extended disruption of schooling are all quite high for children there.

There is currently nowhere in Ukraine that can be considered safe.

Children and their families, caught in the middle of the worsening war, or forced to leave for neighboring countries, have an urgent need for humanitarian aid.

Save the Children is a non-profit organization that helps children around the world. They have been working in Ukraine, providing support to children affected by conflict.

The organization has been monitoring situations and supporting children who have been displaced due to war or have lost their homes due to bombing. They aim to provide them with shelter, food, education, and healthcare services as well as counseling services for children impacted by trauma and loss.

Save the Children works in partnership with local organizations and families to provide emergency food assistance for children and families affected by conflict in eastern Ukraine. They also provide safe places for children to play as well as psychosocial support for children and parents.

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4.    Ukraine Emergency by UNHCR

UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has been working to assist refugees from Ukraine since April 2014. In Ukraine, where more than 5 million people have been displaced by the recent conflict, UNHCR is working closely with the Government and other partners to provide humanitarian assistance to those affected by this crisis.

The agency has provided aid to over 269,000 people, including food, shelter, and medical care. The agency also assists internally displaced persons (IDPs) who have fled from their homes but remain within Ukraine’s borders. The UNHCR provides emergency aid like food packages, blankets, and other supplies to IDPs who have found refuge in temporary shelters or with host families. You can help here by donating money or supplies directly to the UNHCR’s Ukraine Emergency Fund.

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5.    The Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal By CANADA-UKRAINE FOUNDATION

Russia’s declaration of war on Ukraine is the greatest danger to international stability since World War II. The people of Ukraine will battle for their country’s survival, and in doing so, they will stop Russian expansionism. One of the biggest humanitarian disasters of this century will be caused by the Russian invasion. There will be a mass exodus as hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of Ukrainians, are uprooted from their homes.

In response to the Russian assault against Ukraine, the Ukrainian Canadian Congress and the Canada-Ukraine Foundation launched the Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal to facilitate the rapid delivery of humanitarian aid to people in need.

Humanitarian aid/relief will be provided to those in need, including those who have been displaced from their homes. This includes providing them with food, sanitary supplies, medical attention, and a safe place to stay.

They are simplifying their reaction in Canada and urging other nations with large Ukrainian diasporas to do the same so that we can all figure out how to help the Ukrainian people the most right now.

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6.    Ukraine Crisis Response Fund by CARE CANADA

The situation in Ukraine is becoming catastrophic for civilians. There are millions of people in need of immediate aid, and we must act quickly to help them.

The human rights situation in Ukraine is far worse than anyone could have imagined. Eight years of fighting have left lasting scars on Ukraine, including damaged infrastructure, a lack of water and food supply, and other humanitarian crises.

Humanitarian aid is in high need because of the recent intensification of violence. There are millions of individuals who have been forced to leave their homes because of the violence, and millions more who have fled the nation altogether.

CARE Canada is a Canadian humanitarian and development agency that works to improve the lives of people in developing countries. CARE Canada’s Ukraine crisis response fund is focused on helping people in the eastern part of Ukraine, where the fighting has been the worst. The organization is providing emergency aid such as food and medical supplies, as well as psychological support for victims of trauma.

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