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8 Canadian Charities Providing Houses and Helping the Homeless

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What are the top charities that will help you or a family in need, find that home or that helping hand to find homes

The issue of homelessness is a pervasive phenomenon that is encountered across the whole of Canada. Certain subsets of the population, such as those struggling with mental illness or addiction, indigenous people, women leaving violent situations with their children, the elderly, and adult men living alone, are disproportionately more likely to be impacted than others. Approximately 35,000 Canadians are expected to be sleeping rough or in shelters on any given night, with that number rising to at least 235,000 annually.

Even though there is a huge need, there are several organizations in Canada that are supporting those who are suffering from homelessness in a variety of different ways. This article will talk about eight charities that are working to end homelessness in their unique ways.

8 Inspiring Canadian charities that house the homeless

Here, we will be exploring how 8 different charities in Canada offer housing programs to help homeless people and families get off the streets and into their own homes. We are also reviewing in detail each of these charitable organizations’ unique models and outline some of the ways they make a significant difference in the lives of people who need it most.

1.    Fredericton Homeless Shelter Inc

The Fredericton Homeless Shelter is a community-based non-profit organization that provides emergency beds, food, and clothing to those who are experiencing homelessness.

They run two shelters in Fredericton; the Men’s Shelter has over 35 beds, and Grace House for Women has 12.

In a typical year, the Shelters provide housing for around 500 men and women. Approximately 15,000 men and women in the Fredericton region are given a place to sleep every year. The amount of time a customer stays might vary from one day to several months. The Shelters are available around-the-clock, every single day of the year.

Seventy-five percent of their customers have a diagnosable or undiagnosable mental health condition and eighty percent struggle with some form of addiction. Common issues include illiteracy and/or learning difficulties. Many of their clients have many problems. Fewer than 10 percent are deemed employable for full-time, stable work.

Men and women as young as 16 and as old as 83 have found a haven at their facility.

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2.    The Period Purse

The volunteer-run non-profit organization was created in 2017 in the city of Toronto. Its mission is to create menstrual equity by decreasing the stigma that is associated with periods via activism, education, and outreach. Since the program’s inception, volunteers in Ontario, Regina, and Winnipeg have gathered and given out thousands of handbags and backpacks full of menstruation items to those who are in need. In 2018, the organization collaborated with the city of Toronto to designate May 28 as Menstrual Hygiene Day and to pass a resolution requiring the provision of free menstrual hygiene products in shelters, drop-in centers, and other comparable locations. The following year, the group established a program for middle and high school students called “Menstruation Nation.” The program’s primary goal is to educate participants on the significance of menstrual equity.

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3.    Hands Up Canada

A charitable organization with its headquarters in Toronto, Hands Up Canada works to improve the lives of people in some of the most underprivileged places in Canada by assisting them in securing housing, food, and educational opportunities. When the temperatures during the winter drop to as low as -60 degrees Celsius, their team helps Inuit women’s shelters and support organizations by donating boxes of goods like thermal gear and torches. These items are extremely vital during this time of year. They also provide help to food banks and soup kitchens in Nunavut and the Northwest Territories, which have particular accessibility problems because some towns can only be reached by flying in.

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4.    The Salvation Army Toronto Housing & Homeless Supports

The Salvation Army Toronto’s housing and homelessness supports are created with the hope of putting an end to poverty in Canada. The focus of Salvation Army Toronto is to provide emergency shelters and long-term housing solutions for those individuals and families who find themselves homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. They assist in providing food, clothing, shelter, counseling, medical care, and other services. They desire to help individuals and families through the crisis while striving to also work toward breaking the cycle that has led to their current situation.

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5.    Quest Food Exchange

This charity in Vancouver works along with grocery retailers, wholesalers, and distributors to divert food and other commodities that would have otherwise been thrown away to a food bank. After that, their crew makes them accessible to folks who have limited financial means. The food is generally distributed through one of their five inexpensive Not-For-Profit-Grocery Markets. This is a program that, since its inception in 2014, has been responsible for the distribution of food to 1.5 million individuals. Another thing that sets this charity apart is the fact that they were the first in all of Canada to provide Braille signs and audible scanners.

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6.    Eva’s Initiatives for Homeless Youth

Many Canadian cities are dealing with homelessness issues, including Victoria. However many charity groups have been started to help the homeless in Canada. Eva’s Initiatives for Homeless Youth is one of these charities.

To assist adolescents who are homeless or otherwise at risk in realizing their full potential to lead lives that are productive, independent, and healthy, this organization known as Eva’s won an award for its efforts to provide shelter, housing transitional to permanent housing, as well as programs.

By offering a secure haven and a variety of resources, Eva’s helps homeless and at-risk adolescents realize their potential to live lives that are productive, independent, and healthy. This is accomplished via collaborative efforts with the youngsters.

The programs that Eva offers are intended to assist young people in overcoming homelessness and to provide them with the knowledge, resources, and support systems that are necessary to establish more promising futures for themselves.

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7.    Engage and Change

Engage and Change is an organization with headquarters in Toronto that works to inspire communities to give back by offering people the chance to take part in hands-on, group volunteer initiatives that are designed to assist those who are living in poverty. The homeless shelters and frontline social assistance agencies in the community get survival kits that are assembled by volunteers. These kits contain goods that are designed to be used on a day-to-day basis. Each year, Engage and Change holds two packing events, one of which takes place in the winter and is titled “Project Winter Survival.” During this event, the organization aims to assemble and deliver 3,000 winter survival kits, each of which contains essentials for maintaining a comfortable body temperature. Their summer packing program is named “Project Water,” and this year they handed out 3,000 Summer Survival Kits in addition to 300,000 bottles of water.

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8.    Society for Homeless, Ill, Needy, and Elderly (SHINE)

The Society for Homeless, Ill, Needy, and Elderly (SHINE) offers shelter and support to individuals and families living in extreme distress. They work to create a home for their clients, restore their health and well-being, and end their cycle of homelessness. They provide street intervention programs, long-term housing facilities, preventative health initiatives, meals, counseling, and assistance with accessing other social services. All of their initiatives come from the viewpoint that everyone is entitled to live with dignity.

The following are some of the activities that this charitable organization is involved in:

  • Assisting with basic requirements of life to impoverished families, immigrants, and individuals.
  • Providing food and other basics to persons living on the streets.
  • Providing support to disadvantaged mothers and children, especially orphans.
  • Assisting older citizens.
  • Assisting newly arrived immigrants in establishing themselves successfully
  • Assisting people in locating affordable homes
  • Promoting the academic performance of children and women.

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The Closing Remarks

It would be difficult to find a country more welcoming and tolerant than Canada. Canada is a country that is big on helping its citizens, but sometimes there are people in need of more than what typical services can provide. Many charities have taken on the task of fulfilling these needs as well as they can, providing food, shelter, and other necessities to Canadians who need it most. Fortunately, several charities already exist that can help you make the transition.

Hopefully, together we can all provide temporary housing, food, and warmth to those who have none and ensure that everyone has a place to call home.

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