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Ukraine-Russia War: How to Donate to Trustworthy Canadian Charities to help Ukrainians

The Russian military invasion of Ukraine has triggered a humanitarian crisis that has resulted in hundreds and thousands of Ukrainian civilians fleeing their homes or seeking refuge in bomb shelters and subway stations.

Due to the Ukrainian crisis, nearly 5 million children are at risk of physical damage, severe emotional suffering, and displacement. A missile recently struck a school in Horlivka, eastern Ukraine, resulting in the deaths of two teachers and three students.

Seeing babies being born in makeshift bunkers, civilians being drafted, and the daily tears shed at the border breaks our hearts, and each Canadian feels the need to stand for Ukraine. As a result, people are protesting and sending financial aid. However, before you donate to any Ukrainian/Canadian-based charity, double-check that your money is going to individuals in need and not to a con artist.

Here’s a list of trustworthy Canadian charity organisations where you can donate to support Ukraine from Canada.

#1: Help Us Help

Help Us Help is a registered Canadian nonprofit organisation that focuses on humanitarian aid and educational programmes in Ukraine and Canada. It was founded in 1993. In the 25 years since its founding, the organisation has donated more than $25 million to programmes and organisations working in humanitarian aid, education, literacy, arts and culture, social work, civil society, and other areas. 

By donating to help us, you can contribute to the relocation of children, scholars, and veteran families in Ukraine and provide humanitarian and medical support.


UNICEF provides psychosocial assistance to children and their families and mine safety training as part of its peacekeeping efforts. Throughout eastern Ukraine, UNICEF continues to help children by providing safe drinking water, setting up health, hygiene, and emergency education supplies near the line of contact, and working with local governments to serve children and family members in need. 

Your donation to UNICEF means providing drinking water and medical assistance to the affected children and their families in Ukraine.

#3 Save The Children

Since 2014, Save the Children has worked in Ukraine, notably in the conflict-affected districts of Donetsk and Luhansk.

STC has been assisting children in Ukraine in obtaining a good education, offering emotional support, delivering winter and hygiene kits, and providing monetary grants to families to satisfy basic requirements like food, rent, and medicine, or to invest in the start-up of new enterprises.

They’re closely monitoring the war in Ukraine and its devastating impact on children’s lives, claiming that 7.5 million Ukrainian children are in grave danger of bodily harm, severe mental anguish, and displacement as a result of an overnight upsurge in hostilities. 

Currently, nearly 400,000 children reside in the combat zone. Your assistance would be highly beneficial in this situation. It can assist war-traumatized children psychologically and keep them warm as temperatures drop by the day.

#4  Canada-Ukraine Foundation

The Canada-Ukraine Foundation is a national nonprofit organisation established to coordinate, develop, organize, and deliver assistance initiatives directed to Ukraine by Canadians. According to their website, CUF is now collaborating with Ukrainian government departments, who can advise on local requirements and ensure that donations collected are used to satisfy the needs of the war-affected Ukrainians. CUF attempts to raise $5 million to support war-affected people in Ukraine with humanitarian aid.

# 5 Global Medic

Global Medic is a recognised Canadian organisation that has been assisting with disaster relief and humanitarian aid for over two decades. They’re currently concentrating on collaborating with local agencies in the neighbouring countries to help those fleeing Ukraine receive food, hygiene goods, and other necessities, and support and facilitate cross-border deliveries into Ukraine.

Your contribution to Global Medic can facilitate Ukrainian refugees fleeing to neighbouring countries.

#6 Canadian Red Cross

The Canadian Cross Movement is currently accepting donations to aid in the ongoing efforts in Ukraine and neighbouring countries, including displaced individuals. The donations will be used to address humanitarian needs that have arisen due to the almost eight-year conflict and prepare for events in the region due to rising tensions. 

The federal government will match individual donations of up to $100,000 to the Red Cross, up to a total of $10 million. The matching-donation campaign began on February 25 and will end on March 18.

# 7  Revived Soldiers Ukraine

Revived Soldiers Ukraine (RSU) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to assisting the people of Ukraine in exercising fundamental rights and freedoms such as the right to life, proper and accessible medical treatment, the freedom of religion, and the freedom to live a decent life.

Your donations to RSU will indirectly help the soldiers fighting against Russia on the frontlines.

# 8: SOS Children’s Villages Canada

SOS Children’s Villages Canada is a registered Canadian charity dedicated to assisting children without parental care and preventing family breakdown. SOSCVC has been working in Ukraine since 2003 and is ramping up its emergency response efforts to assist vulnerable children and families affected by the Russian invasion.

SOS is currently assisting in the relocation of vulnerable children and families to safer locations, reunifying children who have been separated from their families, and providing health, psychosocial, and nutritional aid in Ukraine. SOS Children’s Villages Canada, a member of SOS Children’s Villages International, is also planning a regional refugee response in Poland, Hungary, Romania, and Moldova.

Your contribution to SOSVC can help reunite lost children with their parents and help families find new and safer homes.

#9 Plan International Canada

Plan International Canada is a member of a global organisation devoted to promoting children’s rights and gender equality. Plan International Canada has been forming solid connections for children for over 85 years and is now present in over 75 countries.

According to their website, “Plan International is evaluating how to effectively assist girls migrating into Moldova, Romania, and Poland from the Ukraine crisis.” We will collaborate with relief organisations to guarantee that children and their families receive urgent assistance when approaching the Ukrainian border. Shelter, food, water, psychosocial assistance, and education are urgent necessities.

If you are concerned about Ukrainian girls, who are currently among the most vulnerable, you may donate to PIC to help them cross the border safely.

#10 Humanitarian Coalition

The Humanitarian Coalition brings together all of Canada’s prominent charitable organisations to work together to raise funds, with the aid of the government, media firms, and regular Canadians, to respond swiftly and efficiently to humanitarian disasters worldwide. 

Funds raised are distributed to HC’s member agencies to meet the basic needs of survivors quickly and effectively. Members with expertise in providing shelter, clean water, sanitation services, protection services, health care, and livelihood support are among those involved.

Now in Ukraine, the humanitarian coalition is trying its best to provide food, clean water, health care, and shelter for the affected people of the country. According to their website, more than 3 million people need emergency humanitarian assistance, with the figure anticipated to climb dramatically in the coming days.

Your donation to HC will provide shelter, food, medication, and safe drinking water to the people of Ukraine. It is one of the most reputable charitable organisations in Canada.


Over 14,000 people have died and over one million people have been internally displaced due to the crisis that began in 2014. Hundreds of thousands of children’s and families lives have already been drastically interrupted across the country. And now things are getting worse due to an all-out invasion by the Russian military. Currently, nearly 400,000 children reside in the combat zone, which puts them under severe threat and deprives them of necessities. Seeing this, we all need to stand up and do our part to help the Ukrainian people in this time of need. 

But donating has always been a little tricky. You never know whether your money will reach the deserving people or end up in the hands of a conman. That is why we have compiled an article for you that consists of the 10 most trusted Canadian charity organisations working around the clock to ensure that every dollar you donate helps the war-torn people of Ukraine.

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