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Top 10 Climate Change Charities in Canada

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How to support the change in climate?

Charities that support climate change are essential for the future of humans as a society. In Canada and across the world, climate change may influence ecosystems, economies, natural resources, and human health and safety. Supply networks and assets worth billions of dollars are in danger due to climate change. There must be a worldwide response to the issue of climate change.

In this article, we list the top 10 charities that you should consider donating to in order to help combat climate change

The Climate Reality Project Canada

The Climate Reality Project Canada was initially created in May of 2007. To take on climate change, The Climate Reality Project Canada instantly focused on the emission of greenhouse gases and using education and grassroots action in order to combat climate change. The company has established branches in several nations, including Canada. Founded by the previous president of the United States, Al Gore with the goal of educating Canadians on the science, effects, and potential solutions of climate change. Today there are 1470 Canadian Climate Reality Leaders and within a year of the course, each learner pledges to do at least 10 Acts of Leadership. To date over 700,000 Canadians have participated in Climate Reality Canada presentations. They work to give the Climate Reality Leaders the information, skills, tools, and general support they require in order to deliver effective presentations, in order to spread awareness of ever-growing climate change in Canada, and globally.

Be The Change Earth Alliance

Be The Change Earth Alliance was founded in 2005 to encourage effective, interdisciplinary environmental and social change in classrooms and communities. Our goal is to motivate, educate, and equip young people to take individual and group action for a society that is fair, resilient, sustainable, and personally gratifying. They have fulfilled their purpose by offering eco-social education materials and seminars to secondary schools across British Columbia. They have concentrated on eco-social classroom curriculum, professional development seminars, and other opportunities for teachers, students, and the greater community to strengthen their capacities more recently.


SeedChange – originally named the Unitarian Service Committee of Canada (USC) –  was created in 1945. Be The Change Earth Alliance has been “helping people help themselves” for the past 75 years and, more recently, helping farmers help themselves by strengthening their ability to grow crops, starting with the seeds they use. Founded by Dr. Lotta Hitschmanova, formed an organization that fosters thriving family farms, deep rural roots, and robust ecosystems everywhere. 70% of food produced throughout the world is from family farmers but half of the world’s family farmers live below the poverty line. Large-scale farming is not a suitable strategy as it focuses on putting food and seed earnings towards a select few and in addition to polluting our land and water, it triggers the loss of biodiversity and contributes to environmental issues. They partner with family farmers and other charities in order to fight climate change and water shortages and advocate for the rights of those who need help.

The Gaia Project

The Gaia Project originated and was founded in New Brunswick in 2009. Its mission is to encourage young people to combat climate change via education. They have led 122 projects, ultimately reaching 148 schools and 26,015 students. The Gaia Project inspires kids to keep the earth clean. By teaching them kinesthetically at a young age, they are able to inspire children and help them learn about climate change and the effects humans have on the environment. Teaching younger generations about the importance of pollution allows for a more environmentally friendly society in the future as well as students will be more mindful of their carbon footprint. The Gaia Project also offers free global Competencies, Sustainable Development Goals, and education that fits the New Brunswick curriculum.

Foundation for Environmental Stewardship  

Foundation for Environmental Stewardship (FES) is a youth-run, youth-serving organization dedicated to sustainable development. Youth are empowered by FES to build a more inclusive, equitable, successful, and sustainable future since they are the last generation that can reverse climate change. By empowering children, altering lives, and sharing compelling, effective stories via mentoring, education, advocacy, and training, their purpose is to build a sustainable future. They work to imagine a future in which each young person will mature and make decisions about their personal and professional lives that will take into account the effects of human activity on the environment.

The Charitree Foundation

The Charitree Foundation was founded in 2006 by Andrea Koehle who is committed to teaching youth about the beauty of nature through her writing and her support of easily accessible environmental education programs for kids that are focused on nature. The Charitree Foundation was given that name in honour of trees and the environmental benefits they provide. Since nobody at Charitree gets compensated for their work, all donations benefit children. They organize and participate in children’s environmental learning projects that involve tree planting and donating trees for planting in Canada and around the world. ChariTree provides trees to schools, camps, and children’s groups across Canada and abroad and pays for their shipping.

Tomorrow Foundation for a Sustainable Future

The Tomorrow Foundation for a Sustainable Future was founded in 1970 under STOP (Save Tomorrow Oppose Pollution). Based in Edmonton they believe that every Edmontonian is empowered, connected, and actively involved in creating a thriving, environmentally friendly city. In 2016, the Foundation returned from an extended absence to launch three projects in collaboration with Paths for People to advocate for and inform the public about the importance of high-quality bicycling and walking paths in Edmonton. The initiatives, which included the development of the downtown bike grid and the funding and preparation of a bike grid for the south side, led to a substantial change in Edmonton’s active transportation strategy ultimately making it more eco-friendly. They firmly believe that various voices can work together to alter society for the better. Through initiatives and programs, they include the people of Edmonton in the creation of connected, equitable communities, the improvement of local environmental awareness, and the advancement of ecological leadership at all levels.

International Conservation Fund of Canada

The International Conservation Fund of Canada was founded in 2007 to promote the global protection of biodiversity and the long-term preservation of nature in the tropics and other critical regions. The foremost international conservation organization in Canada is ICFC. We have collaborated on initiatives with regional conservation groups in Latin America, Africa, and Asia since 2007. They are the ones who know what has to be done and how to accomplish it best. Even though they don’t have any forest carbon projects that produce validated carbon credits with precise numbers since such are sometimes expensive to set up and manage, their activity nonetheless significantly improves the climate by safeguarding 10 million hectares of the Brazilian Amazon. Although it is a Canadian firm, they feel that they are the rightful owners of the natural heritage of the planet. And because of the biological richness found there, tropical areas are where nature is most in danger, conservation efforts are most underfunded, and money goes the farthest.

Ecology Action Centre

The Ecology Action Centre (EAC) has been working on important environmental issues for 50 years, including biodiversity conservation, climate change, and environmental justice. We excel at taking initiative and enacting change. Their goal is to create a society in Nova Scotia that values and safeguards the environment and offers its residents environmentally and economically viable alternatives. One of their successes was the aid in the commencement of the elimination of single-use plastic. A nationwide plastic waste policy was introduced in 2019, and there were efforts at the local and provincial levels to stop the distribution of single-use plastic bags.

Coastal Action

Coastal Action was founded in December of 1993 with the mission of environmental protection and restoration via study, instruction, action, and community involvement. Through study, education, action, and community involvement, they hope to encourage the repair, improvement, and conservation of our environment. They work on climate change through stormwater management, living shorelines, interactive flood mapping, and agricultural projects. They also aid in environmental education, coastal & marine problems, as well as 3 different endangered species that they can help support.

What are the best climate change charities to donate to in Canada?

  • The Climate Reality Project Canada
  • Be The Change Earth Alliance
  • SeedChange
  • The Gaia Project –
  • Foundation for Environmental Stewardship  
  • The Charitree Foundation
  • Circle Acts Charity
  • Tomorrow Foundation for a Sustainable Future
  • International Conservation Fund of Canada
  • Ecology Action Centre
  • Coastal Action

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